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Secondary Conditions

Your body’s warning system, your “symptoms”, may be indicators of a more serious underlying condition. Some of the Secondary Conditions that arise from a Kinetic Dysfunction include:
  • Neck pain and back pain
  • Sciatica and herniated disc
  • Pelvis instability
  • Pain during pregnancy
  • Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder
  • Tennis elbow
  • Hip pain and groin pain
  • Knee pain and instability
  • Ankle pain and instability
  • Muscle spasm and tension
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sports injuries
  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Stenosis
  • Bursitis
  • TMD and jaw pain
  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Poor posture
  • Painful and heavy limbs
  • Decreased range of motion and stiffness
  • Dizziness and Vertigo